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Testicular cancer sounds terrible and it can be fatal. Cancer itself is fatal. And if it is diagnosed it is a very important to know and to learn about causes of cancer if it is possible, also treatments of cancer and side effects of a chemo therapy.

Problem With Heart

A cancer treatment can have dangerous cardiovascular side effects (problems with heart): it may be fatal because treatment increase level of cholesterol and gives too high blood pressure. And too high blood pressure can cause a heart attack. Testosterone loss may happen in the process.

Hearing Problem

Testicular cancer treatment may leave a severe impact on patient’s hearing and that is a big problem. An audiometric impairment often reflects on patient’s ability to hear. This is serious and pretty permanent defect.

Renal Problems

Renal side effects are related to kidney problems and it is caused by chemotherapy treatment. If kidney function fails it may be dangerous to life of patient, just like cancer itself. Kidney can fail gradually and patient can die.

Medication Complications

Fighting testicular cancer may leave a severe side effects. If during that, nerves are impaired, a blood vessel impaired, lungs are damage or impaired and hearing loss is impaired, there is no need for more serious side effects. Medication taken in the process can totally consume the body. It is very important to look out for plans that are relating detaining damage that are basically a complete side effects. These side effects are also very dangerous to patient’s life just like cancer is. And sometimes cancer comes back because of the testicular cancer treatment, which is very hard to predict and chemo needs to be done again.

Pulmonary Toxicity

A pulmonary toxicity side effect is actually a lung problem side effect and it can be caused by chemotherapy treatment. A pulmonary toxicity side effects are possible and can be reset if patient is careful and follows the doctor’s rule. Lung health decreasing is very usual side effect of the cancer treatment and it is permanent.

Sterility Problem

A testicular cancer side effects include sterility problems. Tests for sperm show very low sperm chart ( not enough sperm) for patient who has gone through cancer treatment. And it stays that way for couple of years. 68 % of those recorded testicular inability for years after surgery and cancer treatment. The condition is not dangerous, but sterility can leave a bitter taste and can have bad effect on man’s life.

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