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The appendix is a small tube that is located in the abdomen near where the small and large intestines meet. Many believe that the appendix really has no function in the body, and some believe that evolution has rendered it unnecessary. However, researchers have proved that it produces and protects beneficial bacteria that are good for the colon’s health.

Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix, which causes severe pain in the abdominal region of the body. It can be really hard to diagnose, because there are many things that can cause pain in the stomach area of the body.

However, if it is not treated, the appendix can potentially rupture, which results in a spillage of the infected contents into the abdomen.

In the case of such a rupture, an appendectomy is needed. This is simply put the removal of the appendix from the body. It should be noted that if a ruptured appendix is left untreated it could be a life-threatening problem.

A person will feel a very sharp pain around the navel area when the appendix is about to rupture, but as stated previously, many will not suspect that the appendix is causing the problem because of the copious amounts of different conditions that causes pain in this area of the body.

The pain can be very sever and results from a throbbing and intense contraction of the muscles. It will be more obvious that the appendix is in question once the pain starts moving towards the lower-right-hand side of the abdomen and becomes increasingly severe as it moves in that direction.

Some people will also become nauseous, since the problem is occurring so close to the digestive organs and potentially infecting them.

A loss of appetite, constipation, diarrhea and fever are other symptoms.

Because there are a number of important organs situated in that same region of the body, a ruptured appendix could have detrimental effects on them.

Another problem with diagnosing the condition is that laboratory tests are not effective in confirming the condition. They ill indicate that there is an infection in the body, but will not be able to pinpoint it. An ultrasound will probably be needed in order to diagnose appendicitis.

People who are feel pain in this area of the body should go and see the doctor immediately in order to prevent potential complications resulting from the ruptured appendix.

If the rupture is left untreated, it could result in death. Many complications are involved when the appendix ruptures and the recovery is very slow.

Research has shown that eating leafy vegetables and tomatoes is a great way to prevent appendix problems, but still, the cause of this condition are still not very well know.

Doctors believe that ulcerations and bacterial infections are the main causes of appendicitis.

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