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Measles were an often viraldisease before the vaccine or it was invented. The vaccination takes place at avery young age and, in most cases protects children, adults, from infection.However, in some parts of the world, this vaccination is not approved or notaffordable and children still suffer, and some even die, from it daily. Also,numerous American families nowadays refuse to give vaccines to their childrenthus causing the virus to appear in the America, where it was almostexterminated.

As mentioned before, measles is aviral disease, most easily recognizable by its numerous symptoms, potentiallylife threatening, especially for infants and children under the age of 5.

The virus incubation lasts forten to twelve days after which the first symptoms of measles appear. Some ofthe symptoms are alike the ones following flu: fever, running nose and drycough. However, if sensitivity to light, a highly specific skin rash, bluecentered white circles in the inner parts of cheeks and inflamed eyes appear assymptoms as well, there is no doubt that it is a clear measles infection.

The best prevention is to checkyour child's medical records before enrolling him or her to elementary school.Make sure your child got the vaccine, and, if not, make sure he or she gets it.This way you are removing the risk for your child to ever get this infection.

The virus is located in the slimeand mucus of an infected person, and by sneezing and exhaling it is expelled inthe air and all those around who inhale it or rub their eyes or mouth withhands which touched the infected surface, are in danger of getting infected.Pay attention if your child has any of the symptoms and call the doctor as soonas you notice any of them.

Measles, although they last forabout two weeks can be potentially dangerous because of many other infectionsthey can cause. Numerous ear, throat or lung infections may be triggered by themeasles bacteria, and they can be very dangerous, even deadly. Encephalitis, abrain infection is also a known side-infection of measles, prone to causesevere brain damage and pain.

While with measles, hydrateregularly, drink as much water or tea as you can, to cleanse your body and easethe infection. Avoid bright light, as well as television and rest since your bodyneeds all of its strength to successfully fight this infection. Finally, makesure you contact your doctor for much useful information you might get.

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