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This text will focus on the procedure called hernia repair and several possible complications that can arise following the surgery. Almost after every single surgery some complications can happen but people should bear in mind the fact that this procedure is one of the safest most common operations possible today. Problems that can occur after the hernia repair are very mild and minimal.


The first problem we will talk about is bleeding though this complication may occur after almost every surgery. However, after the hernia repair, this happens extremely rarely. Some bruising spots can be visible after the procedure, and the pain can also occur after it though unfortunately this pain is common after any operation. But the level of pain is much more important.

After the hernia repair, pain can vary from mild to acute, and several medications can be used to relieve the pain. This pain is usually present no more than six days, after which it recedes, but the problem can sometimes last for just a couple of days. Remember that if you are in pain after the surgery, this does not mean that the hernia has returned.

Sometimes pain can remain for a longer period of time, which is connected with chronic pain. This is why people confuse this chronic pain with recurrence of the hernia. Unfortunately this pain can be induced by some other problem usually a nerve entrapment and if this happens a specialist should be visited.

Sometimes nothing can help with the pain and in these cases, surgery is the only solution. In cases of persistent pain, surgery will cut out the sensory nerve which causes the problem, and this should eliminate the pain. This nerve entrapment is considered to be extremely rare and some professionals have never even seen this condition in their offices.

Infection is another possible complication, since just as in any other operation, some bacteria can cause the infection. However, this problem is also very rare. We have mentioned that problems with hernia can return, but just as any other complication we have already mentioned, this one is also very rare. Almost every hundredth patient suffers from this complication. The return of the hernia can be induced by infection faulty repair or some problems with tissue, anemia, obesity and malnutrition. In some cases of hernia repair, male population can suffer from certain damage of the testicle. Improper blood supply some technical errors and swelling can cause this problem. At the end, we have to repeat that every complication connected with hernia repair surgery is extremely rare. They happen only in 1.5 % of procedures.

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