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This text deals with the problem of chickenpox in adults.Chickenpox is acute, contagious viral disease, usually typical of youngchildren, characterized by fever and eruptions. It is also called vermicelli.Most of people have had chickenpox as children, but if they get it as adults,the condition can be more severe. Symptoms that indicate chickenpox in adults are similar to thesymptoms that children have, which means that they include fever, headache,backache, dray cough and sore throat. After a day or two chickenpox spots canbe seen all over the body and face; they appear practically everywhere on theskin. They are not so pleasant to look at, and they can be itchy, irritatingand discomforting. In every body, the incubation period lasts 10-20 days, andduring the time when there are chickenpox spots, a person who has them iscontagious. The person who has them feels tired and unwilling for everything.That lasts one or two weeks.

However, complications are possible in some cases, and thenchickenpox lasts longer. One of the most common complications is shingles. Itis almost a rule that a person who had chickenpox in the youth will haveshingles in the future, because they are made of the same virus, and afterchickenpox is gone, the virus remains in human body waiting to reappear asshingles. Person can get shingles even after the 50th

There aren’t some special measures for the treatment ofchickenpox, but it is advisable to visit a doctor, since he can prescribe somecreams and powders so that you can prevent the itching. If you continue to itchall the time, spots can leave you very ugly scars on the face and they can’teasily heal. That is why you should not scratch so much; you should try torestrain yourself from this urge. Also, if you have temperature, medicationagainst fever can be prescribed by a doctor. Chickenpox in most cases pass ontheir own. It is important to know that you can prevent chickenpox with thevaccine which is very reliable, and there are small chances of havingchickenpox after receiving it. As for pregnant women, doctors usually give themvermicelli zoster immune globulin (VZIG), in order to prevent the appearance ofthis disease during a pregnancy. But, if you already have chickenpox, youshould stay away from other people, because they are very contagious and theyspread fast.

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