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The operation that cuts free the carpal ligament is the theme ofthis text. The ligament has to be released from the median nerve, which is a verysimple and easy operation that needs to be performed because the pressure onthe median nerve has to be decreased. This can only be done with surgery. Thereis also a surgery, named open release surgery, which cuts out the carpalligament completely. The first operation we will mention is endoscopy, and it uses endoscopes which are inserted through the incisions on thepalm and the wrist. Then with a help of the camera and some light, the doctorwill remove the pressure from the nerve. This procedure shows similar resultsto the results of open surgery, but the recovery time is cut in half, and there is apossibility of the pain experienced afterward. When we talk about consequences this surgery may bear a few more risks, because the used instruments mayproduce some injury of the nerve. So if you are having thisoperation, always look for a very experienced surgeon who will never cause someof the mentioned injuries. The next surgery is mini-open approach which is named so because of a small incision made during the operation, and thebenefits from this very small incision are related to the very short recoveryafter this surgery. When we compare this surgery with the one done byendoscopes, results are similar while the recovery is longer when endoscopy isperformed. For this surgery camera is also used, and the procedure is similarto the endoscopy procedure.

Recovery after surgery

As for the recovery, after the operation,sensations like tingling and numbness are experienced right after it.Try to avoid any kind of work because the problem may return. Total inabilityto use hands will be experienced by patients in which the surgery has been performedon both hands. Never return to work for at least one month after the surgery,unless the doctor suggests otherwise. The strength loss in the grip dexterity isusually experienced. Many studies have shown that this problem resolves after avery divers time, so we cannot say how much it will take. Physical therapy willalso be needed. Possible consequences of this procedure may include pain,infection, nerve damage, scarring and stiffness. We have already mentioned lossof grip strength, and this problem can involve shoulders and elbows. When thisrisk is concerned, endoscopy is usually safer to perform. There is apossibility the surgery is unsuccessful, because of extensive scarring,ligament incomplete release and return of the problem because of some medicaldisease.

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