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Kidney cyst is a pouch filled with fluid which appears in the kidney. The cyst generally does not cause any signs or symptoms and it is usually identified accidentally when the patient is treated for some other condition. If kidney cyst grows to be large it can cause pain in the abdomen or back and fever. It is most common in elderly people.

If the cyst is small and causes no symptoms, it does not require any treatment. In case there are more cysts on the kidneys or if they cause pain or some other problems, your doctor will suggest a surgery. There are several surgical procedures which are performed as the treatment of kidney cysts. Your doctor will probably give you the description of each of them so you can make the optimal choice for your condition.

One of the procedures which are used for kidney cyst treatment is retrograde intrarenal surgery. In this procedure the surgeon will slide a tiny telescope through the urethra to the kidney. Then the surgeon will make an incision with a laser and opens the cyst and drain the fluid from it using a tube. The tube will remain in the urethra for about 14 days.

If the patient has large cysts located at the back of the kidneys, your doctor will recommend percutaneous kidney surgery. The surgeon will use an endoscope. He/she will make a cut on the skin, slide the endoscope into the kidney and opens the cyst and eliminate the part of the wall. The patient will have to be hospitalized for at least 24 hours after this procedure.

In case of large number of cysts, the best procedure is laparascopy. The surgeon will make three tiny cuts in the abdomen and slide the medical device called a laparascope in the kidney. In most cases the patient will have to be hospitalized for a day after the laparascopy.

Your doctor can also recommend the treatment where he or she will puncture the cyst with the needle, drain the fluid from it and then fill it with alcohol. After this procedure the cyst may recur.

All this surgical procedures are not invasive and there is very little risk of complications. However, in some cases untreated kidney cyst may cause complications. It the cyst bursts and it can cause severe pain in the back or on the side. In case the cyst gets infected, it can lead to pain and fever. More serious disorder is polycystic disorder which means that you have a number of cysts clustered together.

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