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A woman taking any type of fertility medication can expect to go through a variety of different side effects. Perhaps one of the most common and bothersome side effects of Clomid, most women would agree, are the hot flashes. Hot flashes occur because of the hormonal fluctuations a woman will experience while taking Clomid. Some can be mild and others can be very bothersome and uncomfortable. In medical jargon, hot flushes are referred to as vasomotor flushes". Approximately 10 percent of women on Clomid report having hot flushes which in turn come with their own symptoms. Hot flushes are a feeling of warmth that will spread over a woman's entire body, but felt most strongly in the neck and head.

They can also cause perspiration or flushing and can last from 30 seconds to many minutes in length. Though the exact reason why some women will experience Clomid-related hot flushes while others do not is not completely understood, it is believed to be connected to hormonal fluctuations. Hot flushes can also present as night sweats in which a woman will become completely drenched in sweat. Nightly hot flushes can lead to difficulty sleeping and daytime tiredness, which robs a woman of energy. After a hot flush, a woman can be left feeling very cold and even shaky. But the good news is that these flushes are never dangerous just mostly uncomfortable. There are many ways of alleviating the symptoms of hot flushes which include cold packs on the neck and head, non-estrogen medications and alternative or natural treatments that can be very effective.

Alternative treatments for hot flushes can include incorporating soy, phytoestrogens (plant estrogens), black cohosh and Vitamin E into the diet. Prior to beginning any type of alternative treatment for hot flushes due to Clomid, the issue should always be discussed with your obstetrician or fertility specialist. A woman should never attempt to treat hot flushes using any type of herbal supplements without consulting her doctor, because of the risk of contraindications between the medication and Clomid. There may be dangerous or serious side effects if another medication is mixed into the equation and is something that women should completely avoid. Hot flashes while sometimes uncomfortable are nothing to worry about and can be completely normal for women taking Clomid. With some lifestyle adjustments and natural home remedies, hot flushes can be handled and addressed with relative ease. If the hot flushes become severely uncomfortable or diminish the quality of a woman's life, the best thing to do is talk with your physician for more advice and any possible relief.

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