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Are you a Christian who is considering IVF treatment to have children, or have you already had IVF? If you are facing fertility struggles and are looking into IVF, you may have many questions you seek to answer, including whether IVF is part of God's plan for you or not. If you have already had a child or more through IVF, you may find that being open about this fact leads to judgment from your Church community.

Not every Christian individual holds the same views about IVF and other fertility treatments. And, depending on which denomination you belong to, your Church may or may not have official views on IVF. If you and your partner are facing fertility problems and have been told that you would need IVF to get pregnant, it may very well be the first time to serious think about fertility treatments. Not every couple will come to the same conclusions.

What all Christians can probably agree on is the need for plenty of prayer together as a couple and alone to help receive clarity about your future family and what God has in mind for you. Some couples, after prayer, find that they are called to get pregnant through IVF. Others think IVF is not what God wants for them, and are led in other directions.

Interestingly, Christian bloggers who are infertile and chose IVF often write about their experiences of being judged by others for choosing IVF. If you are in this situation yourself, that can be very difficult to deal with. It may help to remember that no matter how one may feel about fertility treatment in general families with the same faith may make totally different decisions.

You may be feeling called to do IVF while some other family will be guided otherwise. Infertility is extremely hard to deal with, and those who have never faced trouble conceiving naturally may not understand what you are facing that is no surprise. Of course, nobody takes the decision to have fertility treatments easily, and it would be good if more people could be compassionate towards those of us who are infertile, rather than judging our actions.

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