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Catholic Church wants a total ban of IVF in Poland and this is not the first time Catholic Church had risen. The story and the attempts of Catholic church to gain the influence it lost and the need to push through the law to ensure their parishioners' compliance repeats. Polish bishops have once again called for a total ban on IVF. This is happening as competing bills on IVF ban make their way through parliament. The statement of Catholic Church stresses several issues. According to Catholic Church IVF:

violates human dignity the rights of the child is contrary to Christian faith is contrary to natural law

A director of a religious television station, Father Kazimierz Sowa reports that It s good that someone is recalling what are the Church s teachings in this respect and what road should be followed by Christians who cannot have children for various reasons that adoption is the best solution. Currently the status of IVF is still unclear, and there are six bills on the treatment that have been submitted to Polish Parliament. There was a draft proposing a total ban on IVF and is sponsored by a civic committee that was rejected by the lower house. There is another bill that was banning the IVF procedure and was drafted by a deputy of the opposition Law and Justice that provides for adoption of the embryos already created and frozen.

It is important to emphasize that the ruling Civic Platform was divided on the issue of the IVF procedure and that the MPs had come up with 2 different drafts. One draft was introducing legal protection of embryos while the second permitted the creation of surplus embryos for freezing and selection before implantation. It will be extremely interesting to observe what will happen regarding IVF procedure in Poland, especially since the leading structure will soon to be changed due to recent tragic accident of Polish leaders. Because of recent tragedy in Poland, the issue was put aside, but should a total ban of in vitro fertilization be rejected by the Parliament, the Episcopate's experts should appeal to those who are guided by Church teachings, to strive to reduce the harmful aspects of the legal solutions proposed with their advice to reach for increasingly effective methods of treating infertility or to consider adoption.

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