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Pain in Kidneys

Pain in kidneys reflects onto the lower part of the back and it can be localized on the right or on the left side depending on which kidney is affected. The area where pain is localized is called flank area. The pain which is located in flank area can develop due to kidney or upper urinary tract diseases. The kidney pain is sharp and rather intensive. It may come and go or it can be permanent. The characteristics of the pain located in lower back can sometimes rule out kidney diseases. Namely, dull pain is almost never characteristic of kidney diseases. The doctor will eventually find the cause of the pain since apart from kidney the pain in this area can be caused by a variety of medical conditions. Problems with spine, muscles and ligament can also lead to pain in flank area.

Causes of Kidney Pain

Kidney stones are one of the leading causes of kidney pain. The very presence of the stone inside the renal pelvis does not have to be so painful. However, once the stone enters the ureter the pain intensifies drastically. The urine cannot be properly excreted and it stays in renal pelvis. The kidney consequently swells, its capsule stretches and this additionally enhances the pain. This pain is called colic and it is not continuous but may come and go. The intensity of pain can be rather severe and is most commonly accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Another cause of kidney pain is kidney infection. The infection leads to inflammation of the kidney structures. This leads to swelling and the capsule stretches. The nerves that are located in the kidney capsule are irritated and the pain occurs. The pain in kidney infections is sharp. The flank area is in these patients highly sensitive to touch.

Painful kidneys may be caused even by bleeding into kidneys. The bleeding is in most cases caused by trauma or infarction of these organs.

Other causes do not cause pain in all the cases. For example, kidney cancers may cause pain. However, tumors generally grow painlessly and once they start causing symptoms they are rather huge in size.

Even though dull pain is not a characteristic of kidney pain, it can be a characteristic of polycystic kidney disease.

In case that urine blockage develops gradually eventual stop of urine passage affects kidneys and leads to gradual stretching of the kidney capsule which may reflect in dull pain.

All the patients who are experiencing the pain in flank area need to visit their doctors. The condition may be serious and if diagnosed on time certain potential complications and severe damage of the kidneys can be successfully prevented.

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