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Asperger (or Asperger’s) syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder,characterized by abnormal social interactions and communication. Patients sufferingfrom this syndrome experience very restricted interests, repetitive behavior andphysical clumsiness, but they are able to talk and develop. Some consider thisdisease as the “highly functioning autism”.

The exact cause of this disease is not known, and there isno treatment for it. The only thing that brings some results is behavioraltherapy, which main goal is to improve symptoms and functioning of thesepatients in the normal life. Patients don’t show any empathy nor have any non-verbal skills. They don’t know how and what to do with the eye contact,postures, gestures or facial expression and that’s where behavioral therapy mighthelp.

There is a prejudice about the parents of these children. It rootsfrom the early days of the diagnosing this condition, when they thought thatAsperger syndrome was caused by a distant and cold mother, without any love oraffection for her child. Even though this an outdated theory, many people stillbelieve in it and call these parents “refrigerator mothers”.


Researchers compared the brains and brain activity ofchildren with and without this syndrome. They concluded that there is asignificant difference, especially in the part of the brain responsible for thestructure of the brain and thinking processes. Asperger syndrome seems to becaused by some genetic problem that changed the brain. Additionally, manychildren suffering from this syndrome had someone in the family with thesymptoms similar (but not exactly the same) as Asperger’s syndrome.

There is a belief, not proved so far, that several geneticmistakes caused this syndrome, rather than just one gene responsible for theillness.

So far, scientists know that boys are more likely to sufferfrom this syndrome and there are 4 times more boys than girls manifestingAsperger's.

Parents of Asperger Syndrome Children

As we already mentioned, the way parents raised theirchildren doesn’t affect the Asperger syndrome. There is nothing more or lessthey could do to prevent it and it is not their fault their child is sufferingfrom this disease. Next time when you see a child that acts differently andseem bad mannered and bad tempered, think if there is any possibility that thechild is suffering from this disease. These kids are not rude because they knowit and want to be like that, but more because they need to learn howto do something else.

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