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What exactly is Asperger’s syndrome and what are the maincharacteristics?

Asperger’s syndrome is a type of a neurobiological disorder,which also belongs to the group of conditions known as autism spectrumdisorders. These disorders are characterized by certain developmentaldisabilities, among which is also autism, and since it affects children, itmeans that their ability to communicate and socialize with others is impaired. Thesechildren have poor social interactions, odd speech patterns and obsessions,they do not display many facial expressions, they lack of eye contact, and theymay easily be irritated by some light that only they notice. Sometimes evenusual sounds from the surroundings may irritate them, and a number of other unusualhabits are present. Even though these children are seen as odd by others, and even though they have motor delays, limited interests, they move with poor coordination andtend to seem clumsy, they are capable to function in everyday activities. As forthe cause of this disorder, it has not been understood by the scientists and doctorsyet. Some facts point out that there is a link between this disorder andgenetics, as well as particular abnormalities in some areas of the brain, butfurther researches in that direction are to be done.

Is there a cure for Asperger's syndrome and how can it be treated?

This condition is mostly diagnosed in children who arebetween 5 and 9 years old, although in many cases Asperger’s syndrome can berecognized after they turn 3 years. There is no cure for this condition, butthe fact is that there are cases in which the signs and symptoms disappear overtime. However, the greatest majority has to deal with them for the restof their lives. There exist some forms of the treatment that the childmay benefit from, which particularly applies for children in whom this disorderis diagnosed very early. Some of such forms are language therapy, social skillstherapy, psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy (in cases of olderchildren), and medications. It is also important to educate and train theparents, or even other family members, babysitters and teachers, in order for them to know how to deal withthis disorder and how to treat the children in particular situations. It isimportant to find the right method for each child, because they canbenefit only from the methods that are appropriate for them.

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