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We are all caregivers or will be caregivers at some point of our lives. First, we take care of our children, and later on we have to take care about our old parents. Care giving is an important role we play, it is not easy, but, it is a responsibility that we have and we don’t think about it, we just do it. Nowadays it is very hard to take care about relatives because they are usually hundreds and even thousands miles away.

How do we know that someone needs care giving?

Children are hardly able to manage on their own without the help of the parents. That is why they need all the attention they can get from their parents during their growth. However, at some points of our lives things can change drastically and parents will be the ones who need the attention and care. When will our aged parents crave for help, we cannot exactly know in advance. We can observe their behavior, actions and their health and it is also important to follow their cognitive functions, since they can alter and deteriorate during the aging process. However, there are those who don’t have this problem. Signs of cognitive deterioration may include the stories that are repeated frequently, loss of short-term memory or the same questions often asked. These things are usually occurring more frequently as the time passes and as the man gets older.

What should we do?

If your relative, parent or spouse repeats stories or questions that you already gave answers to, don’t tell them that you have already heard that or answered a question few moments ago. You should talk to them as you have heard the story or question for the first time. It can be pretty hard to do that, but it will mean a lot for your loved one. You should also talk to the doctor and see what medication your loved one is using, because some of the medications can negatively affect cognitive functions. In those cases the doctor’s help and observation is necessary in order to control the functioning of our relatives. Talk to the doctor about other reasons that can affect cognitive functions. There are different dementias that can decrease person’s ability to think clearly, such as Alzheimer’s dementia, or progressive disease of the kidneys.

There are natural cures that can be very helpful here and they include the usage of some herbs such as ginseng, ginkgo, or B complex. Whatever you decide to do, you should always first consult with the doctor.

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