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There is one very important question that concerns those who have underwent the endometrial ablation and it is the concerns of the chancesassociated with getting pregnant after this procedure. We have to say thatevery woman can get pregnant after this procedure, so you must incorporate a birth control method that is effective.


The endometrial ablation is the procedure that involves the destruction of theuterus's lining cells and thus prevents the future attachment of the uterus andthe development of a fetus. But a woman can get pregnant if some of these cellssurvive. This creates another problem because if a woman in this situationbecomes pregnant, her placenta will grow into the uterus's muscle wall andhouse there. So termination of the pregnancy is one the most common solutionsin such cases. When the time for delivery comes, the placenta will not successfullyseparate and this will cause hemorrhage. So you have to use another successfulmethod of birth control.

Endometrial Ablation

The endometrial ablation will leave the uterine lining susceptible to pregnancyand the woman will also continue to ovulate. As we have mentioned, pregnancyafter endometrial ablation is dangerous and it should be terminated since itmay lead to certain complications like placenta accrete and rupture of theuterine. So we advise again to include additional birth control method, such asfemale or male sterilization, which will eliminate the possibility of futurepregnancy.The procedure called endometrial ablation is performed on women who aresuffering from excessive menstrual bleeding and it involves the removal of theuterine lining. This can be done in several ways, such as with the help of alaser, microwaves, and electric current, or by freezing. There is also a lastresort treatment that involves the surgical procedure, but this is onlyperformed on women with long-lasting excessive menstrual bleeding. In cases of excessive bleeding, this is a necessity since the bleeding can lead to some seriousproblems such as anemia. The bleeding is usually treated by women with the useof birth control pills, but they cause certain side effects.Woman needs to be sure about this surgery and decide to do endometrial ablationonly if she plans no additional family members. Pregnancy needs a healthyuterine lining, but endometrial ablation destroys this lining and prevents theconnection between the uterus and the fetus. Complications we have mentionedcan occur if a woman becomes pregnant after this procedure, which can onlyoccur if some cells avoid the destruction during the procedure. For the end, we advise all women to consult a doctor and think about the risksand the things endometrial ablation causes before making the decision.

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