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A lot of women, usually aged between 30 and 40, have problems with having breast cysts. A woman can have one or several cysts at the same time and there is no rule. In almost every case of breast cysts, they are referred to as round or oval lumps inside the breast with distinctive edges. Cysts are actually sacs which are filled with fluid. Those who have touched it know that they feel like grape or a balloon filled with water. However, in some cases, the cysts may be firm.

In most cases of breast cysts, they are gone after the menopause. However, women who take hormone therapy may still have them after the menopause. In most cases there is no need for some special therapy. The treatment is needed in cases when the cysts cause pain and discomfort. In such cases, the best option is to drain the fluid from the cyst.

Treatments and drugs

When a woman goes to the hospital to learn what to do about her cysts, the doctor will usually tell her that there is nothing that needs to be done apart from paying more attention to the cysts and waiting to see whether it will resolve on its own.

Fine-needle aspiration

In cases when there is need for the removal of the fluid from the cysts, a treatment called fine-needle aspiration is used. This will get rid of the fluid and all the symptoms that go together with the cyst.

After examining the lump, the doctor will insert a thin needle into it and aspirate the fluid from it. In some cases, an ultrasound is used to navigate the needle better. In cases when the fluid looks bloody, the doctor will send it for further testing.

Women should also know that recurrent cysts are not that uncommon. Even surgery is an option but these cases are quite rare. Surgery is needed when the cyst recurs month after month or the fluid has some blood in it.

Lifestyle and home remedies

When the cyst causes pain and discomfort, women can always wear a supportive bra in order to relieve the pain. Caffeine should be avoided in these situations. Lots of women find relief when they stop drinking coffee, for instance. It is good to limit the intake of salt, because it betters the chances that women will not end up suffering from breast cysts. Some women have used evening primrose oil as fatty acid and that helped them.

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