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There are a lot of women who experienced breast cysts. However, there are still those who are not aware what these cysts actually are. Cysts found in breasts are little sacs filled with fluid. There is no rule and a woman may have one or several cysts at the same time. In most cases, these cysts are round in shape and have distinctive edges. A person who has touched one will say that they feel like grapes or water filled balloons upon touch. However, there are certain cases when the cyst feels firm upon touch.

This is not an unusual problem and a lot of women between the age of 30 and 40 have them. Only in cases when a woman is on some sort of a hormone therapy, the cysts will not disappear after the menopause. In most cases there is no need for a woman to treat breast cysts. Only when they are large or painful, there is need to go to the hospital.


There are several signs that will tell a woman that she is having breast cysts. The most common and obvious is a smooth and easily movable round breast lump with distinct edges. Pain in the area of the lump is also a symptom of cysts and so is an increased lump size right before the period. On the other hand, after the period the lump will be smaller.

When to see the doctor?

There is usually no need to go the hospital but in cases when a woman discovers new breast lumps or the already existing lumps have grown, then it is time to go for a checkup.

Preparing for the appointment

A woman who feels there is need to go to the hospital will first go to the primary health care provider and only to the breast health specialist if the test and examination say that it is needed. It would be good if women remembered all the symptoms, certain life changes and stressful situations and any medications she might be taking. The usual things a doctor will ask are how long the symptoms are there, if there were any changes in them, if there is breast pain and a family history.

Tests and diagnosis

Once the doctor has discovered the cysts, he or she will order some more tests or exams. Some of the tests and exams that are usually being ordered are clinical breast exam, breast ultrasound and fine-needle aspiration.

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