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It is a well known fact that each and every eating disorder may cause serious health issues and complications. Women suffering from eating disorders usually have certain disturbances in their menstrual cycle which interfere in their fertility. So, sometimes the reason behind infertility is actually an eating disorder.

More about Bulimia

Bulimic patients are preoccupied with their appearance and body shape/weight. They appear to be very judgmental towards themselves and harshly perceive each and every flaw, sometimes even overemphasize their so-called problems with excess of weight.

There are people suffering from purging bulimia and those facing with non-purging bulimia. In purge bulimia people eat uncontrollably and then force themselves to vomit in order to get rid of all the consumed food. In case of non-purging bulimia, patients use different methods in order to get rid of calories they have introduced into their body such as fasting, over exercising or taken laxatives.

Continuous purging, insufficient intake of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, all eventually can a palette of health issues including gum disease, osteoporosis, kidney disease, heart disease etc.

Bulimia Characteristics

In the majority of cases bulimia affect women and teenage girls. Activities such as modeling and acting seem t play huge role in the onset of this eating disorder.

As far as physical symptoms of bulimia are concerned, patients typically experience abnormal bowel functioning and bloating, damaged teeth and gums, mouth and throat sores, irregular heart beat, sores/calluses on the knuckles, loss of menstruation and irregular menses. Furthermore, there are fatigue, dry skin and dehydration.

Such individuals also show behavioral changes. For instance, there are unusual feelings regarding eating, feeling out of control when consuming food, eating too much food. They are also prone to compulsive exercising, preoccupied with their bodies and weight and may even develop depression or become anxious.

Pregnancy and Bulimic Women

Bulimic women seem to undergo changes in their menstrual cycle because of the way they eat. This explain why they need more time to conceive. Inappropriate weight of a woman is to blame for insufficient production of some hormones necessary for ovulation and future conception. Such women may even try IVF treatment and still fail, because their body is not capable of maintaining pregnancy.

Pregnant bulimic women are at increased risk for miscarriage if they continue with all the unhealthy habits they are used to. Hypertension, gestational diabetes, still birth, premature delivery, low birth weight and birth defects are some of many problems bulimic pregnant women may face with.

Even if the entire pregnancy ends well, there is a problem regarding breast feeding.

Because of all the mentioned bulimic women must undergo professional treatments supervised by a team of doctors , nutritionists and therapist and only after their condition is brought under control are allowed to get pregnant.

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