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Basically, a radial scar is a star-like mass appearing on one's breasts. Usually, it is completely benign even though some variants of it may evolve into cancer or some other forms. If a radial scar is a large one, it can easily be seen on a mammogram. Note that this scar does not lead to a bump in the breast tissue, but rather triggers no symptoms apart from pain in some rare cases. This phenomenon is often referred to as a black star, breast lesion, indurative mastopathy or sclerosing papillary proliferation.

Facts about Radial Scars

These occurrences are quite rare, with only 6 of every 15,000 patients suffering from them yearly. As for the risk groups, women who are between 41 and 60 are the most prone to radial scars. Women under 40 and above 60 have lesser chances of suffering from this phenomenon.

Mostly, having a radial scar leads to your increased chances of suffering from cancer one day. Namely, this scar makes you 200% more susceptible to cancer. This growth is commonly mistaken for tubular carcinoma and, generally, doctors find it hard to diagnose it.

Reasons behind Radial Scars

The main causes of radial scars are breast surgery, breast inflammation and hormonal imbalances. Sometimes, normal aging is the main reason behind these growths, due to fibrocystic changes affecting our body as it gets older.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Radial Scars

Before any treatment can be made, the patient needs to undergo a couple of tests. A biopsy may be necessary, along with a mammogram, ultrasound, MRI with contrast and core needle biopsy.

Once these tests are done, your doctor is likely to recommend you the best possible treatment, depending on your condition. Either way, radial scars need to be dealt with in order to prevent a possible malignant growth from appearing. Open surgical biopsy or a lumpectomy both can deal with radial scars, taking samples which are needed for testing and analysis. In cases of malignancy, this problem is treated by radiation, chemotherapy or hormonal therapy.

Finally, living a healthy life can reduce chances of this scar even appearing in your body. Thus, stay physically active, eat nothing but healthy food without going overboard and being overweight. Also, stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and excessive stress. All these factors will keep you safe from most of the causes of radial scars. So, think about your life and reorganize your daily lifestyle so that it follows a healthy and a happy you.

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