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Every person knows that heart is the most essential organ of the human body. Blood passes through the heart arteries and then the heart muscles which is then pumped to the other parts of the body. In some cases, the coronary arteries narrow down because of the fatty patches that grow in their inside lining. When that happens, a person is most likely to suffer from a certain condition called an angina. Probably the most common cause of this condition is heart pain, especially when a person is involved in some strenuous physical activity or when he or she is angry or under a lot of stress.

Certain people do not know that there are two types of angina. There is the stable angina and the unstable angina. Stable angina occurs in situations when a person experiences acute pain or tightening in the chest region while performing certain exercises like fast walking or climbing stairs. On the other hand, unstable angina is more serious. A person may experience chest pain while performing light physical activities or in some cases while he or she is resting. People who smoke and do little or no exercise are most likely to suffer from this condition. High blood pressure, high cholesterol level and diabetes also contribute to the showing up of this condition. Angina should be treated because it increases the chance of a heart attack.

Treatment for angina

A person who experiences a lot of chest pain very often should go to the hospital. The physician will order blood tests, X-ray, ECG and echo diagram in order to determine whether a person suffers from angina. The treatment will depend on the severity of the condition.A person suffering from angina will be prescribed with medications in order to prevent the pain. Aspirin, beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers are usually prescribed. Surgery is an option in cases when the case of angina is quite serious. The surgery will correct the narrowed arteries.

Diet for angina

A person should go on a special diet plan in order for the angina not to return. A person being treated for angina needs to avoid eating saturated fats and foods that raise the levels of cholesterol. On the other hand, a person should consume a lot of fruits, vegetables, cereals, rice and fibrous foods. The consumption of oily fish is also very important. Those who think that they cannot avoid meat should eat lean meat or chicken. Apart from the diet, people need to make certain lifestyle changes. Smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided.

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