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Amoxicillin is a drug that can be used by the pregnant woman and it is an antibiotic coming from the group of penicillin. But, today there are many studies that focus on the use of this drug and its effects on the fetus. This text will try to give the answer to the question if amoxicillin is safe to use during pregnancy. Bacterial infections are problems for which this moderate spectrum antibiotic is given. The bacterial cell wall is breached by this antibiotic, and in this way it fights the infection. But, allergic reactions, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea are some of the problems that may arise after the use of amoxicillin. A, B, C and D are four groups by which medications are divided according to the levels of safety for the pregnant women. The category B is where this drug belongs, which means that it has been tested mostly on animals, it produced no greater problems, and human trials done were not thorough. Next, we will focus on the use of this drug before we go on to the complications that it may produce

Uses of Amoxicillin

As we have mentioned, bacterial infection can be treated with the use of this drug. It is taken orally in the form of oral suspension, syrup, tablets, capsule and they also come in chewable form. It can also be used intravenously in the form of a sodium salt. Infected teeth, gonorrhea, ear infection, pneumonia, bladder and upper respiratory infections are problems mostly treated with amoxicillin. It can also treat stomach ulcers, salmonella infections due to E. Coli and infected bite wounds.

During Pregnancy

We have to say that the safety of this product relies only on the studies done on animals and no conclusive trials were done on humans. So we cannot say if this drug is safe to be used by pregnant woman, and if affects the fetus in any way. Miscarriage and birth defects are problems that haven't been connected with the use of amoxicillin. There are many benefits from the use of this drug, so the doctor can determine if the woman can benefit from the use of amoxicillin or not. Risks and benefits will be evaluated and the decision will be made. Like some antibiotics, this one can also destroy harmful and beneficial bacteria located in the vagina and intestines. Vaginal infection may be aided by the use of this drug. So, talk about this with your doctor and the problems may be avoided. Also tell your doctor if you are allergic to some medications or foods. It is important to give all information to the doctor, so that the problem can be adequately evaluated. Doctors also need to know everything about the pregnancy and earlier complications.

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