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Alcohol consumption for a long period of time causes the alcohol addiction. Usually a long period of time has to pass so that a person realizes that he/she has a major problem, alcohol addiction. After deciding to quit alcohol drinking, most people usually suffer from alcohol withdrawal symptoms. People experience the most severe occurrence of these symptoms in the first couple of weeks, and the path to being sober is not easy. In this article, we will cast a glance at alcohol withdrawal symptoms and the focus will be their duration.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

People who have been heavy drinkers almost always suffer from some of the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. The severity of the symptoms differs from a person to person and it mainly depends on a previous patient’s alcohol experience. Some of the symptoms that can occur in a case of a moderate alcohol withdrawal include anxiety and mental instability with preference to quarrel and getting into disputes, tiredness, sweating, depression, lack of sleep and appetite, tremor in hands, inability to focus your attention, and pale appearance. Symptoms that can be classified into a group of severe ones include Delirium Tremens, highly expressed feeling of agitation and aggression, fever, black holes in memory, and oblivion.

Duration of alcohol withdrawal

The duration of the alcohol withdrawal is measured from the beginning of someone's entering the rehabilitation program. These symptoms initially appear after two or three days from the last consumption of alcohol and their duration is approximately 48-72 hours. If someone has been a mild consumer of alcohol, he/she can experience longer duration of these symptoms because he/she is not addicted so much. If someone has been addicted to alcohol in great deal, withdrawal duration can last only 24 hours, but the intensity of symptoms can be so high that a patient is advised to be under constant attention of medical staff specially educated for such cases. If someone wants to join rehabilitation program, he/she must choose the best one, and after the program, it is recommended to be under the supervision and get all the needed support. Good rehabilitation programs can provide you with all the necessary help and support that you persist in your decision. Even though these symptoms can be very severe and their duration is not so short it, one cannot neglect the fact that physical and mental health is the most important for every human being.

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