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Introduction to ACL hyperextension

An ACL hyperextension occurs when the knee is forced backwards into a position that is 10 or more degrees past being completely straightened.

This results in a tearing of the ligament, and it can be mild or severe, depending on how serious the injury was.

It is a rumor that ACL injuries only happen to athletes, at least that’s what most people believe, but it is not true.

All people who are active and move around can have this injury happen to them, and it usually happens in situation when a person twists their knee into an awkward position, injuring the most important ligament of the knee.

They can also result from direct contact or blows to the knee, like when you bump into something very hard, or someone accidentally or purposely hits you in the knee. However, it does not require a traumatic blow to occur, it can occur much more easily. Types of injuries

ACL hyperextension can occur when a person is pivoting. Sometimes they will twist the knee and damage the ligaments.

The injury can occur when you are planting your foot and cutting, which occurs when the foot is planted on the ground and then quickly changes its direction.

This occurs very regularly to football or basketball plays, especially, when they are trying to cut to a different direction very suddenly and quickly when moving.

Another common sports injury is when a person lands on a straightening knee. When you see this one on television you can tell that it is extremely painful. This happens a lot in basketball when a player jumps up and then lands on a hyperextended knee.

The injury can also occur when someone is running or moving swiftly and they stop suddenly. When this happens, the knee is forced back and the injury occurs.

The speed the person was going at before the stop will probably determine the severity of the injury. Treatment and prevention

Best way to avoid this type of injury, especially if you regularly participate in sports, is to use a knee brace. It is also a good thing to use when you have already injured the ACL and you want to prevent further injuries.

The knee brace will also help to reduce pain and there will be more physical confidence when moving as a result.

The brace will also promote healing and will stop the knee from moving into hyperextension.

If the injury is very extreme, of course, a knee brace will not be enough and you will have to visit a doctor, because in the most sever cases surgery will probably be needed to repair the ligament.

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