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Arthritisin Fingers

Thefingers and hands are the most common locations for arthritis to cropup, since there are so many bones and joints in the hands. Humansalso use their hands for many different things each day, sometimesreally putting strain on them. The harder the work the hands mustendure, the more likely the bones in the hands and fingers are towear down faster. After a while, the bones become incongruous witheach other and cause pain in the hands.

Arthritisis an inflammation of a joint, typically caused by a bacterialinfection. The bacteria are transported to the joint via thebloodstream and sometimes take root there, inhibiting properfunction. The infection causes swelling, pain and sometimesdeformation, restricting the movement of the joint. When this occursin the hands, it can be a huge problem due to the fact that we useour hands for many different purposes.

Dealingwith Arthritis

Arthritisin the hands and fingers can be devastating if it becomes bad enough.It can sometimes lead to totally preventing the hand from functioningnormally due to the movement of the joints being restricted so much.Fortunately, there are a few ways to alleviate the symptoms ofarthritis and help the fingers loosen up.

Anti-inflammatorymedications are the most widely used form of treatment for arthritis.They provide short-term alleviation from the pain and swellingassociated with the condition, a welcome relief for arthritissufferers. However, the use of anti-inflammatory medication can, in thelong-term, lead to problems like ulcers in the digestive system.Also, these medications do not help solve the actual problem, butinstead merely dull the symptoms. Treating the cause is much moreeffective than fighting the symptoms.

Sometreatments that do not involve medicine can also be of some help.Manual therapy of the hands and fingers can help increase mobilityand strengthen the tendons and muscles. Treatments involving hot orcold objects applied to the fingers can also help reduce swelling andrelieve pain, thereby decreasing the movement restriction in thehands.

Certainherbal remedies have also proven to help alleviate the symptoms ofarthritis in the fingers. Extracts of ginger and turmeric can helpdue to the fact that they contain anti-inflammatory agents. This hasa similar (although reduced) effect to the medications and the sideeffects are less pronounced.

Severearthritis can be treated by doctors in a variety of ways. Afterdiagnosing the extent and severity of the arthritis, a doctor canprescribe a regimen of treatment appropriate for the particular caseof the patient, which is usually more effective than self treatment.

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