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In case of an accelerated hypertension it is an emergency that occurs when the blood pressure rises to pretty high and dangerous levels unexpectedly and rapidly. In certain cases the levels reached 180 mmHg systolic and 110 mmHg diastolic. People should know that blood levels as high as that can cause significant damage to vital organs in the body. Brain, heart, kidneys, blood vessels and even eyes can all be affected by such high blood levels. It is usually the men that suffer from accelerated hypertension and especially those men who already suffer from high blood pressure or are older than 40 years of age. A person who experiences this condition should seek medical help straight away. If left untreated it can cause death of a patient.

Causes of accelerated hypertension

It is usually people who suffered from chronic blood pressure and kidney disease that are in more danger of ending up with accelerated hypertension. People who had renal hypertension or renal failure are also in danger of ending up with this disorder. Apart from them, people who are also in danger of accelerated hypertension are those who used drugs like cocaine, monoamine oxidase inhibitors and oral contraceptives. Alcohol withdrawal and sudden discontinuation of the use of certain medications can lead to accelerated hypertension as well.

Symptoms of accelerated hypertension

There are several known symptoms that will prove a person is suffering from accelerated hypertension. These symptoms are caused by an enormously high blood pressure and a force on the inner walls of the arteries. Certain organ damage as blood is pumped through the body also leads to the symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms are shortness of breath, chest pain, numbness in legs, arms and face, blurred vision and mental confusion. A person may also experience restlessness, fatigue, vomiting, nausea and headache as some of the symptoms of accelerated hypertension.

Treatment of accelerated hypertension

The main goal of the treatment for this disorder is to get the blood pressure back to normal. When a person arrives at the hospital the doctor will first provide an intravenous drug in order to relax the stiff blood vessels and ensure regular blood flow. After that, certain tests will be performed so that the underlying cause is determined. The doctor will usually prescribe some oral medications. In case of a structural blockage or defect the doctor will recommend surgery. The patient will be closely observed and released home when his or her blood pressure returns to normal.

The best way to fight accelerated hypertension is to prevent it.

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