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Introduction to acute hypertension

Hypertension is a condition in which the blood pressure increases to abnormally high levels and many people have dubbed it the “silent killer” since it is often not diagnoses in time.

This is because the symptoms are usually fairly mild and can easily be overlooked, however, the entire time, they are causing significant damage to the body.

When a person has chronic hypertension that means it is a secondary form, but, when it is primary hypertension, then it can be considered acute hypertension.

On chronic hypertension a person will have high blood pressure for an increased amount of time and when the hypertension is acute, there is probably another underlying medical condition that is causing these problems.


There are certain drugs and medications that can cause acute hypertension, such as corticosteroids. Other medications that often cause an acute increase in a persons blood pressure are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are usually taken to treat swelling and pain that is being caused by another medical condition.

Nicotine from cigarettes and other tobacco products can also cause an acute hypertension condition and mark a huge increase in a person’s blood pressure for a short period of time. This hypertension will occur in a short period of time, usually within the first half hour or consuming a lot of nicotine. This usually happens to people who use a nicotine product but do not use it regularly. The people that have smoking habits that last for long periods of time are more likely to develop chronic hypertension issues.

Drinking an excessive amount of caffeine can also lead to acute hypertension and short burst of blood pressure increases. This depends on how frequently the person consumes caffeine and how quickly the body can develop a tolerance to it.

Alcohol abuse for extended periods of time can also result in hypertension. However, when the intake of alcohol is reduced, a person can decrease their chances of having a case of acute hypertension easily.

People who are overweight are also at risk of acute hypertension. However, if a person puts on a lot of weight and remains fat over an extended period of time, the chance are very great that it will develop into chronic hypertension.

It is important for overweight people to remedy the problem and change their unhealthy diets quickly in order to avoid high blood pressure and the severe health problems that can result from such a condition.

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