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A Brief Introduction

When a person learns about his or her very own genetics, the chances of correcting, possibly harmful manifestations of certain genetic attributes drastically increases. One of the most approachable ways of doing this is learning about “genetic memory”.

Namely, a Russian polymath, Sergey Konov (writer, thinker, film producer), suggests, via his work, that people are able to remember things via genetics as well. He further explains that this memory is not only existing but also accessible and “editable”, so to speak.

The Konov Principle

An example of the application of The Konov Principle would be if a person would be sick, and would like to be cured. It is presumed that the person's genes remember their own different states much like a word processor remembers changes made to a document in order to provide the functionality of undoing a mistake. And with this said, it is further presumed that the sick, changed gene code could be able to provide the information it carried while it was healthy and whole. That is to say a previous state of the gene code could be revisited, in a fashion, and used to “re-install” the correct state of things.

It is said that this could be used to re-establish youthfulness, stop bad habits and even lose weight, and so forth.

Genetic Memory

The discovery of DNA, along with the four coded proteins which are arranged in specific coded matrixes, has had its vast implications on science and has brought about many great paradigm shifts in its turn.

According to Sergey Konov, these substances function as a mere medium to store memory, much like a hard drive is designed to store an array of ones and zeroes which can be interpreted and rearranged. The pattern which is is used to create the genetic memories is called Morphogenetic Field. So obviously, if Morphogenetic Field is the main mechanism which controls the writing of all genetic memory, learning how to control it would have a great many applications.

However, the differences between the two of the analogy is that the mechanism of genetic memory are yet to be understood and mastered.

Practical Application

In order to benefit from applying The Korov Principle, two things are per-required: a person should find a method to relax the body, as well as control the thoughts which occur to him or her. They are most likely to be achieved via various yoga techniques which relax the body and allow the subject to get in touch with his or her genetic code's memory patterns and in turn realize the ideal state of them.

Although, this may prove somewhat of a challenge, when it is achieved, the effects of it tend to show to have been worth every single effort.

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