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 Candida and birth control pill: how are they connected?

Hormonal issues and troubles

Once hormones decide to go on a rampage, there is little or nothing that can distract them from this intention. On their way to causing physical upheavals, what they affect as well are emotional and mental aspects of one's being, especially in cases of women. Having female health and changes in hormone levels in mind, there is yet another highly undesired and harmful effect, i.e. the induction of yeast infestation – candida to be more precise.

For those members of the female population who are still in doubt as to whether the above said is true or not, let us also consider the fact that once the estrogen levels rise in the course of pregnancy, the woman in question begins to experience issues with the elevated blood sugar levels almost momentarily. This, in return, is known to provide quite a good nutritional basis for yeast, and exceptional grounds for the candida infestation.

Given the fact that this scenario has been confirmed more than once, other hormonal changes can quite logically have the same implications. For example, the hormonal surge, which is induced by birth control pills is yet another direct causer of the unwanted yeast growth, i.e. growth of candida, which of course, as a direct consequence, has the occurrence of a number of highly awkward and troubling manifestations that quite often follow the outbreak itself.

Alarming findings

Despite the fact that a tremendous number of women across the United States of America is using birth control pills on regular basis, the claims and accounts of their irksome side effects have increased in number to such an extent that they began posing a serious threat to the lives of those women, as well as quite serious public concern. Even though all the different birth-control-pill brands do have their own specific list of unwanted effects that they might induce, a great number of doctors more often than not seems to disregard this and prescribe them as a first and “best” line of defense. What makes the entire matter even more serious is the fact that not every brand contains the same amount of active ingredients and hormones, and some also work better for one woman, whereas others work better for another, implying that this is still an individual matter. Unfortunately, many doctors tend to perform a “trial-and-error” type of test until they discover which brand suits their patient best. And of course, this is far from desirable and healthy.

Quite a number of those women who have once had issues and complications with candida came to an astonishing discovery that, in order to avoid its recurrence, they needed to put the pills completely aside, as well as alter their usual diet plans for the purpose of both alleviating and putting candida manifestations in complete check.

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