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Acne treatments: don't settle for dry skin

Information on Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin related medical conditions. Acne usually flares up during the years of puberty but this irritating problem can also be triggered by certain other types of factors such as different sorts of bacteria, vitamin A deficiency and hormonal changes and imbalances. Perhaps the biggest issue associated with acne is the excessive production of sebum. For those who do not know, sebum is an oily substance which can be held responsible for blocking the skin pores and therefore making the skin feel greasy. The other important issue connected to the flares of acne is the bacterium scientifically referred to as propionibacterium acne. It is known for causing the irritating inflammatory conditions and producing certain types of enzymes which are responsible for the breaking down of the aforementioned sebum so that it becomes an irritating substance as well. The final result of the two aforementioned issues is swollen skin, covered with redness and pimples. Fortunately enough, the feel and look of the affected skin can be significantly improved by targeting and treating the main components which cause the flares in the first place. There are numerous different types of treatments available on the market and they are all designed to disinfect and clear the skin. Unfortunately, most of them also leave the skin flaky and dry.

Acne Treatments

Most acne treatments are very efficient in drying up the excess sebum on the skin and kill off all the bacteria which causes the inflammatory conditions. Unfortunately, all those treatments only affect the top layer of the skin, which later on feels uncomfortable and dry. They may sometimes lead only to more skin related problems. One should use products which moisturize the skin but do not clog the skin pores even more. A skin care routine must be established and maintained on a regular basis. Tea tree oil may come in very handy when it comes to killing the harmful bacteria and drying up the excessive amounts of sebum. When the skin gets washed, one should apply some Aloe Vera gel in order to moisturize the skin without clogging its pores again. Aloe Vera gel is also known for its potent anti inflammatory properties which may come in real handy. These facials should be performed twice a day. They also reduce the stress and provide relaxation. They can be easily performed at home, using the simplest ingredients which can be purchased virtually anywhere.

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