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Varicose veins are a disorder that mainly appears on the legs and feet even though it can affect any other part of the body. It is a condition marked by the enlargement of the veins, which causes pain and swelling accompanied by many other discomforts. It is observed that varicose veins usually occur in women, while the men are less affected by this condition.

Causes of varicose vein pain

While the arteries use the thick layered muscles to push the blood, the veins use the surrounding muscles and valves. The veins let the blood enter by opening the valves and then they close them up to stop the blood from flowing back. If the blood pressure is very strong, the veins tend to become wider, which enables valves to close the veins entirely and properly and the muscles find it difficult to push up the blood. As a consequence, the blood pools in the veins, thus resulting in the bulging and twisting of the veins, which is very painful.

Every condition that makes a big pressure on the legs or that impairs the blood circulation may lead to the development of varicose veins, such as pregnancy, menopause and aging, for example.Symptoms of varicose vein pain

The people who experience varicose veins usually have swollen feet and ankles, which occurs due to the leakage of the fluid from veins’ walls into the adjacent areas since the blood is stagnant. Furthermore, the varicose veins are of dark blue color and also very prominent or outstanding, so that they are easily visible to the naked eye. Varicose veins cause pain, which tends to aggravate after standing for prolonged time, and it is usually followed by fatigue and tiredness. Itching of the skin on the affected area, as well as changing of the color of the skin to grayish brown color, may also be observed in some people with varicose veins. Sometimes, it also happens that this condition leads to the skin peeling or formation of skin ulcers.Treatment for varicose vein pain

Several home remedies may be of great help for those who have mild varicose veins. The best solution for them is to wear support stockings, which should be worn through the whole day, even when sleeping. They help the muscles to push up the blood. The pain caused by varicose veins can be alleviated by taking the painkillers. On the other side, severe cases of varicose veins are usually treated by laser treatment for spider veins, sclerotherapy and surgery.

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