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Toxoplasmosis is the name of an infection caused by a parasite usually found in many living beings. Cats are the predominant carriers of it. This infection may be transmitted through blood transfusion or organ transplants. One may also contract these parasites by eating cat feces by accident, or getting in direct contact with these in any other way. Additionally, since these parasites can live in the soil, getting in contact with the contaminated carrier of this type may result in toxoplasmosis as well. Finally, it may be transferred through poorly prepared meat, which was not exposed to adequately high temperatures.

Several other cases of transmitting this infection involve an infected mother transferring the parasite to her unborn baby also low immunity in general, is one of the risk factors for contracting toxoplasmosis.

Manifestations of Toxoplasmosis

If you have a strong immune system, you will experience different symptoms than people who get contaminated and have weak immune systems. Therefore, those who are quite resistant to illnesses will have headaches, muscle pain and sore throat, along with the possibility of developing a less dangerous type of disease like mononucleosis.

On the other hand, those with immunity problems may experience confusion, fever and even seizures. Moreover, they might suffer from vision problems due to retinal inflammation. Headaches are also quite common once these people get exposed to toxoplasmosis too.

A doctor, due to your symptoms, will test you for Toxoplasmosis, using a special test, where antibodies are used, is conducted. Furthermore, a CT scan may be necessary, along with a head MRI or possibly brain biopsy and slit lamp exam.

Possible Treatment for Toxoplasmosis

If the patient is not showing any of the symptoms mentioned above, treatment is not necessary. However, if the signs of toxoplasmosis are present, the infection is treated with antibiotics and antimalarial medications. People with jeopardized immune system are advised to stay on the medications while those who do not have these kinds of problems usually stop taking them once the signs are gone and the prescribed therapy finishes.

Finally, toxoplasmosis is not to be taken lightly, since, if left neglected, it can lead to death. Therefore, upon noticing the symptoms you are to seek medical assistance immediately and have this parasite taken care of through adequate treatment. Take measures of precautions by paying attention to your hygiene and the hygiene of your cats and other pets. Also, be careful when cooking your food, exposing it to adequate temperatures which will destroy any harmful organisms.

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