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Novelty treatmentmethod – laser

In the last couple ofyears and probably somewhat longer, scientists and physicians together have beenuniting their expertise in order to come up with effective novelty methods ofusing laser for the treatment of numerous illnesses, conditions and bodilydisorders. As many of you have probably already guessed, the most “productive”area in this regard and the one that has acquired most of the attentionis certainly the one that concerns our eyes – laser eye surgery to be moreprecise. In this sense, lasers have been employed forthe purpose of reshaping and remodeling the cornea for the purpose ofcorrecting those refractive errors, as well as remedy and heal completely such conditions. But, of course, this is not the onlypotential of the laser based treatment methods. They are also widely used innumerous other areas with the same efficiency and most beneficial results.

This beam of lightenergy is known for its immense potential and the capacity to annihilate specificstructures, biological in nature, in a selective manner. And this selective naturedepends on the wavelength of the light employed in the laser.

Lasers and nailfungus

When it comes totreating or bereaving one of this unpleasant company, the employment of laserbased treatment therapy is certainly not regarded as a novelty. As a matter offact, ever since the 1980s numerous scientists have been attempting to employlasers for the purpose of treating such conditions as onychomycosis, forexample.

What was the originalidea behind the employment of laser for the treatment of fungus befallingpeople’s nails was the formation of holes/channels in the nail itself, i.e.fenestration. The entire process of fenestration was aimed at providing onychomycosistreatments, topical in nature, a much more acute and precise access to fungusas such. The laser itself had the ability to create a pathway, so to speak, sothe medicine, which was to be used in the treatment of the infected nail, couldreach the fungus no matter where they were and annihilate them once and forall. But due to the factthat the entire process was extremely pricey and apparently did nothing toincrease the effectiveness of the topical treatment, it was quite soon put toside. And, due to the lack of more clinical trials (only a couple of small oneshave been performed so far), it will take some time until this treatment methodpicks up the pace a bit and becomes a powerful tool for freeing one from nailfungus.

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