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Falling asleep quickly

Lack of sleep can be a troublesome affair, but it is treatable. The ability to sleep within even the smallest timeframes can be learned by obeying certain tried methods.

Methods for falling asleep with ease

Working or intensive physical activity can increase the temperature of the body, and so can the process of consuming fat rich, engrossing foods. It is therefore advised to avoid these actions 3 hours prior to bedtime. It is also advised to avoid social conflicts up to half an hour before bedtime. Arguing, or any form of conversation that can inspire a conflict, can all affect the ability to eventually fall asleep. Committing to a non-entertaining process is a safe method of causing sleepiness. It is recommended to avoid interesting or entertaining actions, as they will spur the brain into a more alert state. Engaging in a boring activity, will increase the chances of going to sleep. A bath or a shower with warm water can raise the temperature of the body and subsequently lower it quickly. This can cause a feeling of sleepiness, but the fact the process takes time makes it only effective if not taken immediately before bedtime. It is also suggested to attempt mentally associating, the bedroom with relaxation and rest. To achieve this, avoid having any other action, such as eating, reading or laptop use in the bedroom. The bedroom should be utilized exclusively for sleep or sexual intercourse. Reducing noise levels around the bedroom is recommended, as is eliminating all light within the room. Noise can severely impact the ability to achieve a state of sleep, while light stops the production of melatonin, prompting wakefulness. Obtaining a well made, spacious mattress or bed is a pre-requisite for good sleep, especially if more than one person is resting in the same place. During wakefulness, the jaw is usually in a state of tension, while in certain stages of deep sleep it becomes relaxed. Therefore, it is beneficial to attempt to relax the jaw before sleep is achieved, with the mouth remaining slightly open. Another necessary method is psychological, involving resigning on the will to be awake and attempting to cease complex thinking. After the aforementioned conditions are met, a sure way to enter a sleep state includes playing the Fall Asleep Track, but in time this also becomes redundant. It is important to not concentrate specifically on the pulses of the track, but instead allow it to become a soothing background tone that ushers into sleep.


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