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Group Health Insurance Plans in Florida

The following text will talk about the Florida group health insurance plans and their similarities and differences with the plans from other countries. There are some rules you will have to pass in order to take such insurance. There are some differences between the part-time and full-time workers and some may not fulfill the requirements for the group health insurance. The scheme of group health insurance may be managed by the HMO, or the Health Management Organization.


If you pass the demands for the insurance, you will be accepted in any health condition, so no past medical conditions, disabilities and present health issues will cause any problems for the group health insurance plan. Genetic information cannot be a reason for denying you this insurance.

The previous and present medical conditions cannot be a reason for the refusal of the membership by the employer, but the denial can be a result of the hours of work. Usually you have a limited time span to opt for this kind of insurance. This period is around 30 days after the start of work, but if you do not enroll for this insurance, the employer has to present other options. For this to happen, some changes in your family must take place and the time when this can be done is called special enrolment period. The things that can change your family status are birth and adoption of a child, marriage and loss of alternative insurance policy as a result of a retirement, legal separation, divorce or other situation.

You will have to wait 30 days for the membership but in some cases people waited for even three months. Know that you will not be covered by the insurance during the waiting period. There is another period of waiting when you are not insured and this is the waiting period of the HMO. This can happen if the HMO is leading the group you are joining, and the name for this period is the affiliation period. The affiliation period commonly takes two months.

Automatic cover for newly adopted children, newborns and children who are 31 days after placement, adoption and birth put for an adoption and the dependent cover in the insurance plan are included in the group health insurance plan. The group health plan of the persons who have disables children will continue when the child becomes dependent, but only if the child cannot support him due to physical or mental disability. The leave of absence lasting 12 weeks can be taken if you work in a company with 50 employees and have group insurance. The FMLA, or the Family and Medical Leave Act, guarantees this due to illnesses, childbirth and other urgent situations. Health is not a reason why you can be removed from the group insurance, but there are other exclusions.

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