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Hypothyroidism condition is typical for women over 50 and it is a condition of misbalanced relevant chemical process in body. Sometimes in early stages, there are no symptoms to confirm hypothyroidism. But in later stage if the hypothyroidism is not treated it may become serious health problem. Usual problems of such are joint pain, heart disease infertility or obesity.

But there are thyroid function tests that are apparently able to determine hypothyroidism. And in first stage, hypothyroidism treatment is common and pretty simple, done with synthetic thyroid hormone. Such treatments are certain and effective only if the doctor prescribes right dosage.

Hypothyroidism With Children

Children and teens may get hypothyroidism too. New born babies can be born with hypothyroidism: in such cases, an infant may has yellowish skin, whites of the eyes, constipation, over-sleepiness, puffy face, choking, protruding tongue, bad muscle tone etc. Untreated hypothyroidism is very dangerous for infants, because it may cause severe mental and physical retardation. It may cause poor growth delayed puberty, slow mental development and delay of teeth grown.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

The hypothyroidism symptoms depend from the hormone absence intensity. The hormone deficit is something that gets to be unfolding gradually in years. The very first symptoms of condition are practically invisible every day things and usually are remissness and lassitude.

But if metabolism keeps to slow down there more apparent symptoms present which are weakness of the muscle, constipation, remissness, lassitude, a dry and pale skin, overreaction to cold, hash voice, too high cholesterol level in blood, overweight no matter of the amount of food, puffy face, oversensitivity of muscles, painful or stiffed muscles, abnormal periods with women, depression and weak or thin nails and hair.

If it is not treated on time symptoms the condition may get worse and steady stimulation of thyroid gland due to a time will worse more and overproductions of hormones may cause the condition called enlarged thyroid gland. In the process of such condition patient may feel depressed, too slow or not being able to remember. In case that advanced hypothyroidism or myxedema strikes the condition (low breathing ability, low body temperature and low blood pressure or coma) may become fatal for patient.

Complications of Hypothyroidism

A list of health problems resulted of hypothyroidism1 - Heart problems. Hypothyroidism causes high levels of low density lipoprotein cholesterol and damages the ability of heart pumping, which may cause enlarged heart or heart failure.2 - Goiter. Non stop stimulation of thyroid makes glands to release extra hormones and that is a goiter, which can swallowing and breathing make more difficult. 3 - Infertility. A small number of thyroid hormone may bother ovulation and that may interfere with fertility. 4 - Birth defects. If pregnant women do not treat thyroid gland there is a risk to deliver baby with serious defects: physical, mental and intellectual problems. The defect and medical condition needs to be detected right away to have chance to be treatable.5 - Myxedema. This is long time untreated hypothyroidism. The symptoms are unconsciousness, lethargy and cold intolerance. And in such condition coma may be caused with infection, sedatives or stress. Myxedema needs urgent treatment.6 - Peripheral neuropathy.Long time untreated hypothyroidism may impair peripheral nerves — the nerves that transmit brain information via spinal cord to body. Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy may be tingling, loss of muscle control, pain, weakness or numbness of region where it is impair nerve located. 7 - Mental health impairs. Depression may strike in a first stage of hypothyroidism and may get worse in time with slower mental functioning.

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