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Many parents worry about the swine flu and what will happen if their child becomes infected.
In reality, experts say that the swine flu is no more dangerous than the seasonal flu; however, the H1N1 virus that causes it is different because people, especially the young, have no immunity to it.
However, it does not affect children more severely. In actuality, the elderly tend to be more vulnerable to the flu, because of poorer nutrition and general frailty from chronic conditions.
The U.S. government said that all those who have had drug treatment over the last three years for asthma are at risk, which is probably not very accurate, because one in five children has asthma-like symptoms and it is very unlikely that all of them run a serious risk of being infected with a severe case of the swine flu.
Most children would probably be able to treat most flu-like symptoms without medicine, only if the flu is severe or if swine flu is uncovered, should children be given antibiotics. The children that are at a higher risk are those that have chronic conditions and problems with the lungs, kidneys, heart, liver, or conditions like diabetes.
The fact that swine flu is probably not as serious as the press has made it out to be is reflected in the fact that surveys among professional nurses show that about one-third of them would not be vaccinated if given the choice.
However, vaccination is of great benefit for the aforementioned children with chronic conditions or elderly people who are susceptible to all kinds of illnesses.
Many ask if Tami flu is a good medication to take. It probably is a good idea because it works. In some cases, it should be taken on the onset of flu symptoms, because at the beginning of the illness, no one can be sure without blood tests and serious analysis whether it is a regular flu or the swine flu.
If the child does not get better in five days and then experiences complication like pneumonia, the situation can take a serious turn.
It is very difficult to distinguish between the regular flu and the swine flu, the symptoms are the same. They include, fever, cough and a runny nose.
Therefore Tami flu should probably be taken, because such medication is only effective if it is taken immediately at the onset of the problems.
If the child cannot swallow the Tami flu pill, it can be opened up and the powder inside the capsule can be sprinkled on the food that is given to the child to eat.

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