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Genu valgum is a medical condition in which the knees lean to each other and are in contact when person's legs are straightened. Women are more prone to this condition as their pelvis is wider and the thigh bone is shorter comparing to men. People who are suffering from genu valgum cannot bring their lower extremities in contact if they straighten their legs at the same time. The condition may be normally present in children between the age of 2 and 5. However in majority of them genu valgum corrects spontaneously due to the growth. In others the condition tends to progress. Treatment for Genu Valgum

In case that condition is progressive there are several treatment modalities. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications are prescribed in some cases. Some patients need to wear braces. All of the previously mentioned is combined with specific restrictions in life style. However in the most severe cases of genu valgum the surgery is the only treatment option.

Surgical Approaches in Case of Genu Valgum

Stapling is one option where it can be effective but sometimes this staples can break and migrate the additional intervention is necessary. This approach is not used widely.

Certain number of surgeons perform so called osteotomy of the femur. Osteotomy of fibula or tibia can be performed as well. This surgical approach carries numerous potential complications. Some of them includes malunion, postoperative infections and problems with healing. Compartment syndrome may develop as well. So basically this surgical approach is saved as the last option in treatment of genu valgum.

Percutaneous drilling also known as percutaneous curettage is a procedure in which the scaring is small and there is no need for implants. Only limited number of patient are subjected to this surgical modality.

One group of surgeon is pro for percutaneous epiphyseal transcutaneous screws. These devices are helpful in achieving the correct position of knees. Additionally there are nonlocking 2-hole plates and screws which are highly suitable for correction of bilateral deformities.

Furthermore some doctors pass all their attention to patella. They are trying to solve the problem of genu valgum by arthroscopic methods.Indications and Contraindications

In case of physiological genu valgum the treatment is unnecessary as the condition will spontaneously improve as the child grows. Bracing and even corrective shoes do not have to be efficient. Furthermore the physical therapy may not lead to positive results as well. This does not have to discourage the parents.

In case of pathologic genu valgum the treatment has to start on time and to be rather aggressive. All the present symptoms need to be removed and the progress of the disease completely stopped if not decelerated. The best way to fight the condition is surgery.

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