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Another name for the stomach ulcer is gastric ulcer. In most cases, the causative factor is the bacteria Helicobacter pylori and in few cases, it is induced by excessive use of certain medicines like Aspirin and ibuprofen. Stomach acid is responsible for the occurrence of the peptic ulcer which may emerge in the duodenum and stomach but also in the lower esophagus. When helicobacter pylori reach the stomach they damage the stomach’s protective lining, making the soft tissue beneath it exposed. Then the stomach acid constantly irritates this exposed soft tissue making a bad sore which is actually an ulcer.

Symptoms of stomach ulcer

Those people who suffer from stomach ulcer constantly feel some kind of discomfort in their stomach and a sudden pain may occur from time to time without an apparent reason. The pain tends to disappear once the person eats but it recur within 2 or 3 hours. Furthermore, at night the pain may wake up the person who has it and the pain ends once the person takes an antacid. The stomach ulcer also may cause loss of appetite along with pain, as well as nausea and vomiting.

It may happen that all these symptoms may not appear and that the person still has the stomach ulcer. In such case, the symptoms start to appear only in the advanced stage. In the advanced phase of the stomach ulcer the pain which occurs suddenly is sharp and stinging and does not go away. Furthermore, vomiting of fresh of dark brown-colored blood and bloody stools are also the symptoms of the stomach ulcer which has progressed. When one assumes that he/she has the stomach ulcer it is important to visit a doctor and prevent further possible complications.Treatment for the stomach ulcer

When the stomach ulcer is induced by the bacteria H. pylori then the doctors prescribe the medicines which destroy the bacteria, coat the ulcer and decrease the production of stomach acid.

When the stomach ulcer is detected in the beginning then the dosage of the antibiotics or other drugs is minimal. However, when it is about the advanced stomach ulcer then the high dosages of medicines are necessary and it may cause many side effects. For example, loss of taste and loss of appetite as well as diarrhea and headache are some of the adverse effects of the medicines. The treatment for the stomach ulcer usually last about two or three weeks and the patients are completely cured after several months.

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