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Speech therapy is a specific treatment designed to help people focus on language more, understanding the words spoken to them and using all the tools of a language in order to express themselves adequately. Articulation, pitch, volume and fluency of a language are also dealt with through speech therapy. Usually, this therapy is used for treating people who have survived accidents which affected the language parts of their brains. With children, on the other hand, speech therapy can be used for helping them pass the skipped language acquisition milestones, providing them with any kind of help they might need, be it mere guidance or detailed learning assistance. Professional speech therapist develops and uses games and activities in order to make children interested in a language therapy. Also, he/she may use exercises which strengthen the speech organs, such as whistles or specific food during the therapy.

The Profile of a Speech Therapist

Speech therapist's line of work is quite widespread. He/she is trained to help individuals with any kind of speech disorder or language disorder, helping them overcome their linguistic difficulties and problems. Also, these people work with individuals who stutter, or suffer from fluency, pitch or rhythm problems during their use of language. Sometimes, a speech therapist may work together with psychologists or psychiatrists, depending on the problem the patient is facing. Hearing loss, stroke, cerebral palsy, brain injury or mental disability, all are problems which can affect one's linguistic capabilities. Thus, people with these issues can all be patients of speech therapists. These people may even work with entire families, teaching them how to help their family member with his speech problems. Empathy and dedication, as well as patience are necessary traits for this job. A speech therapist needs to modify his/her treatment program and to make it maximally effective for the patient. This job can be exhausting and overwhelming, but is very rewarding nevertheless.

Where Can a Speech Therapist Work?

Numerous part-time or full-time job opportunities are open for people who have finished the necessary education for becoming speech therapists or speech pathologists. These people offer their services through tests and evaluations as well as numerous therapeutic interventions.

However, every speech pathologist needs to have specialized knowledge in communicative disorders. Also, he/she has to know how to diagnose these disorders and what techniques to use for successful treatment. Finally, he/she needs to be capable of making the necessary reports and recommendations at the end of the treatments.

Only people with a master's degree in speech pathology can become official speech pathologists. People with less education or certifications can only work as assistants in this area, having at least a high school diploma.

Yet, all jobs in this field allow an individual to have medical insurance, dental and life insurance, ever-growing salary with options for bonuses, 401K savings plan, cafeteria plans, paid housing and many other benefits. Thus, if you have adequate education join a recruiting agency and start working as a professional speech therapist.

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