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The main cause for pneumonia development in children is some infection, but in case it keeps reappearing, a doctor usually confirms some other underlying cause of pneumonia. In most of the pneumonia cases in children and toddlers, it can be treated with success. In this text, we will explore pneumonia in children, its causes, symptoms and methods of treatment. Pneumonia can affect people at any age, regardless of their sex and race. In children, pneumonia can develop due to some other cause and if it keeps returning two or more times during one year, then it can be concluded that a child has recurrent pneumonia. The causes of pneumonia development can be bacteria, fungi, virus and parasites. Bacterial pneumonia is the type that is the most common in people and children.

Recurrent Pneumonia Causes and Symptoms

As we have already said, if a child has recurrent pneumonia, then there must be some other, underlying cause. In most of such cases, the underlying cause is Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). This disease can lead to aspiration, enabling pneumonia infection to appear more often in a child. There are also other diseases that can cause recurrent pneumonia appearance, but it also depends upon the risk factors that are common for children who share recurrent pneumonia. Some of these risk factors include weak immune system, immune disorders, other conditions that attack system for breathing (asthma, bronchitis), some genetics disorders, oropharyngeal incoordination, Cystic fibrosis, sinus inflammation, sickle cell anemia, and congenital lung or heart defects.

Symptoms of recurrent pneumonia differ from child to child, but they usually resemble flu and influenza. These symptoms include cough and high temperature, pain in the chest area, difficult inhaling and exhaling of air, pain in the muscles and overall exhaustion.


Pneumonia is usually diagnosed with the tests that include chest X-ray, blood or mucus test and physical examination. In most cases, pneumonia is treated with antibiotics, but this can’t be applied to viral pneumonia. The treatment of viral pneumonia requires the intake of fluids and rest that should last couple of days. Anti-fungal medications are used for the treatment of pneumonia that is caused by fungi, but if a child has recurrent pneumonia, then the underlying cause has to be treated. In order to prevent further appearance of pneumonia this cause must be treated and then pneumonia episodes won’t be repeated. If you have read this information and you recognize some of these symptoms in your child, you should take it to the pediatrician so than he can rule out or diagnose recurrent pneumonia.

So, if your child experiences more than one episodes of pneumonia, be sure to report it immediately to the pediatrician. To address the underlying health condition evaluation of recurrent pneumonia in children is of crucial importance, in order to prevent the repeated episodes of pneumonia.

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