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There are not a lot of people who have heard of a certain condition called Dupuytren contracture and know that it is a formation of scar tissue underneath the skin of the palm of the hand. This formation occurs in the tissue that covers the tendons which pull the fingers to grip. In later stages of this condition, the tissue will become shorter and thicker. A person’s skin will eventually suffer from dumpling and puckering. There is no telling how long it will take for Dupuytren contracture to develop because the rate in which it progresses will determine that. In some cases, it took several years before minor skin puckering to become contracture.

The causes of Dupuytren contracture

The experts are still unsure on what are the causes of Dupuytren contracture and to this day they remain unknown. However, the experts claim that people with certain diseases and disorders are more prone to suffering from this disorder. Some of these diseases are diabetes mellitus, seizure disorders like epilepsy for instance and even alcoholism. People need to know that Dupuytren contracture can also be inherited from a family member. It is also known that this disorder is not on an X or Y chromosome, but on one of the other 44 chromosomes. Males are also more prone to suffering from this disorder than women.

The symptoms of Dupuytren contracture

At first, a person may notice a tiny painless lump in the palm, pretty near the base of the finger. In most cases, it is the fourth or the ring finger which is affected. It is also not uncommon for a person to have this disorder on both hands. After the disorder has progressed a bit, a person may notice that he or she is not able to fully extend the affected finger. Normal grasping is therefore endangered. In most cases, people will notice no particular pain caused by this disorder.

The treatment of Dupuytren contracture

Before starting a treatment plan, the doctor needs to diagnose the severity of the disorder. The treatment will also be determined by the underlying condition. In most cases, people with this disorder perform certain stretching and reassurance exercises. When these exercises are performed, in most cases heat is application is involved. In some cases, there is even need for an ultrasound in order for the cause of the soreness with grasping to be determined. In cases of local inflammation, a person will be given a cortisone injection. In some cases, surgery is the best option.

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