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Pregnancy week by week symptoms

Pregnancy lasts for 9 months and that is a state of a woman’s body characterized by many changes. Changes are affecting all systems, cardiovascular, digestive, vein system, genital system, abdominal area, uterus, etc.

Weeks 1 - 13

In the first couple of weeks of pregnancy, menstruation cycle is not present, implantation of the fetus happens in a part of uterus called endometrium. This part has already been prepared for pregnancy under the effect of hormones. It is very important that implantation happens properly because that will set the direction of pregnancy. At the vagina level, a structure is formed, a barrier between the outer environment and the inside of uterus (it is usually located at cervix). Hormonal changes also affect other parts of the body, breasts are growing and they become sensitive and tender. Sometimes, headache might happen, because the body is going through changes and has to adapt to a new life being forming and growing.

Nausea is characteristic for the first three months of the pregnancy, and sometimes this can be followed by feeling bad and even weight loss (some pregnant women avoid meals because of nausea). This can be avoided with increased amount of water, using tea and having smaller but more frequent meals. All sorts of medications should be avoided in the first three months of pregnancy, because that is the period when all the major organs are created and they are growing rapidly. Fetus is very sensitive to all sorts of substances, including medications. Different meds might have teratogen effect on the fetus, which might lead to creation of anomalies, which would result in aborting the pregnancy.

Weeks 14 – 27

Fourth month of the pregnancy is period when the baby continues growing, too. In this period, the baby’s bones are developing and at the end of this month, the baby will definitely double in size. This is also a time when the baby starts having human features. Actually, in the second trimester, certain details are developing, such as facial features, for example, and the baby is starting to move arms. It also makes motions similar to sucking as some sort of preparation for breastfeeding after delivery. In this trimester, the baby’s gender can be determined and also the baby opens eyes for the first time.

Weeks 28 - 42

In the final trimester, the baby continues honing survival skills, which is definitely sucking. The brain continues growing rapidly and this goes for the baby mass too. As the delivery date closes by, examinations might be performed more often. After 40 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is ready to come out, although this can be prolonged until the end of 42nd week. Having a baby inside for full 42 weeks is not a problem at all, the baby might even be more developed. 

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