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Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs. It is one of the most common illnesses and affects millions of people throughout the world. Pneumonia affects people of all ages. However, it is more common in children, elderly people and in immuocompromised patients.

Pneumonia - General Info

Pneumonia can be caused by many infective agents such as bacteria or viruses. It features with the inflammation of the lung tissue and accumulation of fluid and mucus inside the bronchi and alveoli. Fluid build-up reduces the surface necessary for proper exchange of gases and this can cause breathing difficulties and several more severe symptoms and signs of the infection. Patients suffering from pneumonia additionally suffer from fever and chills, excessive sweating, coughing and chest pain.

Pneumonia is easily diagnosed by a well experienced doctor but it can be only confirmed with the assistance of chest X-ray and several more tests including blood test. The treatment in case of bacterial pneumonia includes administration of antibiotics, inhalation therapy as well as several more medications that may be prescribed in order to deal with all symptoms and signs of the disease.

Pneumonia - Recovery Time

It is essential to stick to doctor's advice and follow his/ her recommendations. Patients must be aware of the fact that once the symptoms and signs withdraw the recovery is not over yet.

The entire recovery time for pneumonia lasts from 7 to 10 days. It can, however, prolong and last longer. The person's condition is carefully monitored and any symptoms or signs of complications must be reported as soon as possible. The condition caries a risk of relapses.

In order for one to recover completely and successfully the doctor may recommend several things. First of all, prescribed medications are taken properly. The person should not stop taking medications once he/ she feels better. If the treatment with drugs does not last long enough the infection may recur. One should not rush and start with the daily routine until the doctor asses that a person is capable of that. Strenuous and tiring activities are forbidden for a longer period of time. Plenty of sleep and intake of proper amount of fluids are essential for regeneration of the body.

Patients may get tired of cough and they are not supposed to be in rooms that are filed with cigarette smoke or be in contact with other irritants and pollutants that may only aggravate cough. Smokers are due to quit smoking until they feel better and they are also recommended to quit smoking completely. Additional help is obtained from taking steam and long showers and in case of chest muscle pain one may apply a heating pad to relieve the pain.

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