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There are different natural methods that will help you cope with the pain during labor. With the help of these methods you can avoid medical pain relievers that always carry the risk of potential side effects that may affect you and your baby.

Natural Pain Relief MethodsWarmth

Warmth is generally used to relieve muscle tension thereby during labor it can provide pain relief. The abdomen, back and groins are areas that have to be warmed to relax the muscles and ease the pain. You can use a wheat bag, which is a cotton fabric filled with grains that can be used as compress. Wheat bag can keep warmth for an hour after being heated in microwave for couple of minutes. You can also use bottle filled with hot water that should be wrapped in cloth before usage. Massage will also warm you and stimulate the production of endorphin, a natural pain reliever. Birthing pool can also provide necessary warmth. Warm compress can be placed on the perineum after baby’s head is delivered. This will soften the tissue and minimize the risk of tears.

Breathing Technique

You have to concentrate on your breathing while having contractions. When a contraction starts you have to take a deep breath through your nose. Then, exhale through the mouth but keep your mouth and cheeks relaxed. Pay attention to the rhythm because the breathing must be even whilst it is less significant how deep you breathe. When contraction ends, relax until the next one comes around.


In the early phase of labor, when the pain is not so intense, you must rest to save your energy for later. You can sit on a chair or lie in a bed and watch TV or listen to music. Do anything that will refresh you and restore your energy for exhausting part of labor.

Change Position

Lying down on your back is the worst position you can be in during labor unless you are completely worn out. This position works against the gravity and slows down labor. There are many positions that will make a difference in the sensations you feel during labor. The best position is to be upright, leaning forward. But, you can also kneel down and lean, walk around, swing you hips, kneel on all fours or squat as long as you feel comfortable.


As we mentioned earlier, massage relieves the pain and anxiety during labor because it stimulates production of endorphins. You partner can give you massage on the shoulders, back, hands, feet and legs. Firm pressure on your lower back will relieve the pain during contractions.


Hot shower will provide significant pain relief during labor, especially if you direct shower head to your lower back. Warm bath has equal effect plus you will feel relaxed and feel less discomfort when dealing with contractions. Also, water immersion in labor reduces the amount of epidural or spinal analgesics.

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