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When does muscle pain in legs tend to occur?

Muscle pain in legs is not at all rare because these partsof the body are definitely among those mostly used. Muscles in legs are includedin practically every activity and whatever we do, but when pain occurs in them,it can be either due to some health problem, or due to their overuse. Some of themost common situations in which this problem tends to be present are pregnancy andobesity, but it also appears after exercising and running.

It is not really clear why pregnant women frequentlyexperience muscle pain in legs, but the weight that the woman gains in thisperiod probably has a lot to do with it, because this affects the circulationsignificantly. However, regardless of the cause, it is a relief to know thatthis kind of pain disappears after the baby is born.As for muscle pain in legs in obese people, the most logicalreason is that the body is not able to bear the additional and extra weight, whichis why pain in the back also occurs.Muscles in legs usually suffer pain after some new exercise program,but this kind of pain is not a reason for concern because it is a normalreaction of the body to some new exertion. It usually does not last longer thana few days, and it tends to disappear if a person continues with that program,because the body gets used to it.The reason why runners usually suffer from pain in the legmuscles is the tear of the muscle fiber, or even the rupture. Runners areoften exposed to these problems, particularly when there is no proper warmingup, when there is a sudden increase of speed and when initial signs of strain tendto be ignored.

How to deal with muscle pain in legs?

As for the ways to deal with this kind of pain, in cases ofpregnant women, a massage and bathing in warm water usually help the muscles torelax, while the best thing that obese people can do in order to get rid ofthis problem, as well as many others, is to lose weight.

For those who exercise, a proper warm up is of crucialimportance in avoiding the pain, but if it occurs, a gentle massage and icebath usually provide relief. It might be a good idea to spare the legs ofexercising for a few days, and the same goes for runners. If the pain persistsafter a week, a doctor should be visited.

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