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You have probably spent little time wondering about the ways of diagnosing a mental illness. Usually, we think that the signs are clearly visible and that the doctor solely needs to pay attention to the symptoms, managing to do this with no significant problems. However, mental illnesses are much more complex and they need to be looked into quite thoroughly. For this purpose, there are several types of tests which are used. The lines below will provide you with the necessary information about the commonly used mental illness tests.

The Tests

Since there are many different mental illnesses, we also have numerous tests. However, most of these match personality tests and neuropsychological tests.

As far as personality tests are concerned, they can be either projective or objective. Objective tests have a rigid set of possible answers, through true or false type of questions or ordinal scale rating while the projective ones allow you to express your own opinions and grant you more freedom when it comes to your response.

The simpler tests are mostly designed to be used in business and similar environments. The most popular test of this type is the Beck Depression Test. On the other hand, we have the Rorschach Test where the patient has all the necessary freedom given, allowing him/her to interpret the test as individually as possible. More advanced mental illnesses require tests with more details and questions so that doctors may develop a successful and precise diagnosis from them. Nevertheless, all of these tests are considered to be personality tests.

Since there are cases when one's mental illness is connected with his/her neurological functioning, brain scanning and neurological testing needs to be done in some cases, being a set of different types of tests for mental illness diagnosing. Most commonly, these are done after an injury to the head or an illness which have had an impact on the brain.

Also, there are cases when the patients are observed and then analyzed.

Practical Application of Tests for Mental Illness

If depression is being diagnosed, the test consists of a physical examination which provides insight into the person's health and body chemistry. Next, blood tests are done in order to rule out anemia or any issues with the thyroid gland. Once this is done, patents need to answer numerous questions regarding their mood and general state of mind. Here, they may be asked about their symptoms, their lifestyle etc. Many of these tests can be found online.

Finally, if a certain kind of personality disorder may be troubling a person, he/she needs to do numerous objective tests which basically ask many different questions about his/her personality and actions in specific situations. Most of these are to be answered with “yes” or “no”.

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