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When the subject is fertility, there is no shortage of theories. Theories on how to enhance fertility and to cure infertility are many and varied, from the medically proven to old wives' tales and alternative treatments. One such theory is lunar fertility enhancement. As the name already suggests, lunar fertility enhancement is related to the moon. What is this theory, and is there any reason to believe that it works?

The commonly accepted stance about fertility is that women will normally have the chance to conceive once during their menstrual cycle; when they are ovulating. During ovulation, a new egg is released from one of the fallopian tubes, following which fertilization can occur, if a sperm succeeds in reaching the egg in time. But lunar fertility theorists hold that there can be two opportunities in one cycle to conceive, and that a woman's cycle is closely connected to the moon's. The lunar cycle its journey around the earth takes 29 days.

According to lunar fertility proponents, this is the same amount of time that the average menstrual cycle takes to complete. Women are said to be most fertile when the moon is at the same point on its way around the earth as when they were born. Apparently, the chance to get pregnant is the largest when ovulation coincides with that lunar stage. If your ovulation and your best lunar point do not go together, or your have irregular cycles, there are steps you can undertake to align your cycle so that this will happen. Do I need to point out that there is no scientific evidence for lunar fertility enhancement? Probably not I should think it is obvious to most women. Yet, if you like experimenting, there is no reason not to try if lunar fertility enhancement works for you.

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