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Hidradenitis suppurativa is a rare skin disorder when red or dark lesions appears on the skin. Commonly, it affects the groin, genitals and armpits. It usually occurs on the areas of the body where there is the most sweat or where the skin is in contact. In some cases hidradenitis suppurativa affects the hair line, inner tights, and the area under the breasts and behind the ears. The cause of hidradenitis suppurativa is an inflamed hair follicle or oil gland in the skin.

The lesions on the skin often appear in clusters. They can grow very slowly for a long time and eventually they can rupture. The pus which can have a foul odor can leak out of the lesions. The lesions may vary in size. They can be tiny but in severe cases they can be an inch in diameter. This skin condition can also be painful, burning or itching. These symptoms may get worse if a person sweats a lot, smokes or is overweight and under a lot of stress. Sometimes exposure to sun of any source of heat may also make the symptoms worse. Hormone changes can cause hidradenitis suppurativa and affect the symptoms.

In order to make a diagnosis your doctor will perform a physical examination of the skin and take a sample of the pus from the lesion. Additional blood test may be performed. It is important for you to see your doctor if you notice any skin changes because early diagnostics and proper treatment can help you to deal with the lesions and stop the disorder from progressing. The cure for hidradenitis suppurativa does not exist but you may get the treatment according to the severity of the symptoms.

In mild cases, the treatment involves proper hygiene, usage of antibacterial soap and warm compressions. If your condition is not so severe, the best option for you would be topical creams or ointments, or oral medications. There are various types of oral medications which can be used in treatment of hidradenitis suppurativa. Antibiotics can reduce the spreading of the disorder and stop the symptoms from getting worse. Retinoid medications affect the function of the oil glands. Birth control pills may be helpful if hidradenitis suppurativa was caused by hormone changes. Systemic steroids may decrease the pain, swelling and inflammation. The most severe cases are treated surgically. The surgery may include drainage of the lesions, removal of the lesions or removal of the affected skin. Unfortunately all these surgical procedures will not prevent hidradenitis suppurativa from recurring again.

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