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The lacerations are the cut injuries, which includes the open wound, and sometimes they may be severe, especially if including the abrasion, infection and the damaged surrounding tissue. Even more severe wounds are those which includes the torn blood vessels of that area, or the damaged nerve endings or tendons.

So, right away after the laceration happened, the first aid is to make sure if there isn’t possible infection. After that, it is obligatory to determine whether the tetanus must be injected. The doctor will also examine the motor process of the affected area, especially if the nerve and tendon laceration took place. The doctor will order the imaging if necessary and prescribe the sedation, which is often done in children.

The medical help should be sought if in the period of the first eighteen hours the wound changes dramatically.

For the home treatment, it is recommendable to use the injections of the mixture of the lidocaine solution and the sodium bicarbonate solution, or the Marcaine injection, in order to minimize the sensation of the pain, because those drugs are actually the anaesthetics.

Of course, first of all, one must stop the bleeding, and the best way to do that is with some gaze or cloth that has a big power of absorption. The injury must be cleaned after giving the injection, and of course it must be done carefully, since it is the case of the open wound. But, the deeper level of the laceration must be cleaned, it is usually done by the process of irrigation with the solution of the povidone-iodine. Also, if there are some dead parts of the tissues, they must be cut out and the foreign bodies must be removed. But, for example, a hair won’t contaminate the wound.

After cleaning, it is advisable to close the laceration, if possible. But, one should pay the extreme attention on the very probable infection of such a wound that is treated at home. The adhesive (that have the similar function to glue) agent is recommendable to be applied around the wound, and then it is okay to put on the stripe.

Of course, after these processes, the next steps is the treatment of lacerations are by following and putting on the antibiotic cream or ointment, on the absorption of the possible excessive liquids, holding together the torn parts and the prevention of any movements.

After that, it is all set for the recovery, unless some of the following symptoms reappear; those are the pus, the high temperature of the body, redness, and the other symptoms of the infection.

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