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Allergies are nothing more than ahypersensitive reactions of our body to some substances or elementswhich are otherwise not harmful. The body of the person allergic to acertain substance reacts the same towards it as it would acts as avirus or a bacteria. These substances is called allergens can beanything from pollen, insect venoms, some types of food or drinks tosome actual viruses or bacterial infections.

An allergic reaction in most cases,expressed through a small rash. However, the rash can sometimes beall over one's body. Unfortunately, reactions are not always sosubtle. For some people allergic to certain substances, the allergicreaction may be so severe that it may even cause death.

When dealing with allergies, or theirsymptoms by yourself it is important to follow some rules in orderto prevents allergies from appearing or, if they already did, to actpromptly to them.

First of all if the reaction you arehaving is a serious one, involving a large rash, or some otherirritations, do not wait for it to disappear but rather call yourdoctor or an ambulance as soon as you notice any serious signs of it.Also, if you are allergic to a certain food or any other substanceyou know about, stay away from it. Do not eat something that may harmyou and do not expose yourself to substances you know are allergicto.

There are injections prescribed tothose suffering from allergies and it is good to always have thesearound, even more if you are going somewhere where you might beexposed. For example, if you are going on a picnic out in the openand know that you are allergic to bee venom, be prepared if you getstung.

As far as medications are concerned,there are numerous creams that can be applied onto the rash andreduce or remove it. Also, application of cold, icy things onto therash may reduce it or remove it completely.

There are many medications that preventallergic reactions. However, these are best to be used after beingprescribed by your doctor. Any misuse of such drugs may be harmful toyou since they may have many side effects and may not be suitable foryour type of allergy.

These medications may be long lasting,where you need to take one pill or shot every two days or shortlasting where you need several medications a day. Also, they might bein forms of nasal sprays, creams or many others, depending on theallergy itself.

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